Tangent-Bar Rotation Stage

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High Precision Goniometer


Kohzu's KTG-15 goniometers were specifically developed for use at high energy X-ray synchrotron facilities where precision angular displacement and
repeatability are essential. The goniometer's extreme resolution is attained by displacing a rotation spindle fitted with a long radially mounted arm, via a tangentially positioned and motorized micrometer head.

Compact High-Resolution Goniometer


A goniometer with a high resolution of 50 nrad (0.01 arcsec) is downsized to be 1.6 kg in weight and W115 x L180 x H46 mm in dimension.

Tangent-bar Rotary Stage


The high precision rotary stage was designed for operating of X-ray polarization. For compact design, it can be mounted on χ cradle for example. Loosening the clamp allows the top table for 360 °full rotation.

Ultra High Precision 2-Axis Goniometer


This goniometer has two parallel ultra high resolution rotation axes driven independently by two tangent bar mechanisms. The goniometer was manufactured for use in high precision two crystal topograph set-up.

Ultra High Precision Coaxial Goniometer


The device was manufactured for use as a high resolution 4-crystal asymmetric reflection monochromator. The right picture shows it is installed in a chamber as a low vacuum type.
Tangent-Bar Rotation